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Discovery of a New Yeast Species by Iranian Biological Resource Center researchers

Iranian Biological Resource center (IBRC) researches have recently succeeded to identify a new native species of the genus Wickerhamomyces with the scientific name of Wickerhamomyces orientalis.
“This yeast genus is consisted of 26 species whose members are isolated from different habitats such as soil, plants, migratory birds, insects’ guts and some of the members of the genus such as W.anamalus is considered as an opportunistic human pathogen, Dr. Shahzadeh Fazeli, the head of IBRC, said about the discovery.”
The members of this genus also have biotechnology applications and some species such as W.bisporus and W.pijperi have respectively been used to produce lipase enzymes and flavoring compounds. Considering the biotechnology potential of these species, achieving the new species is of great importance, Dr. fazeli said.”
“In a recent study with the participation of two research teams from Iran and Poland, conducted by IBRC, respectively one strain of soil samples on the Island of Kharq and four strains of yeast on fallen fruits in Srilanka, were isolated and identified. The high similarity of biological samples led to the introduction of this new taxon with collaboration of the two research teams and the new taxon was introduced and identified with the use of a polygon identification strategy, he noted.”
It is necessary to be mentioned that this new yeast species exists in the Microorganism Bank as the new third yeast taxon among 54 Iranian indigenous taxa with the access number: IBRC-M30103 and it would be accessible for research teams all around the country

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