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Iranian Biological Resource Center Found Global Reputation

International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology (IJSEM) has recently published a list of valid taxonomic collections in which just the name of microbial collection of Iranian Biological Resource Center is shining.

“Since the release of new microorganisms is related to their registration in at least one international collection other than internal collections of the countries, inclusion of the collection of IBRC on the index provides a unique opportunity for the country to provide international services and hereafter we can observe more dispatched strains from other countries to this collection,” said Dr. Shahzadeh fazeli, the head of IBRC.

“Iranian Biological Resource center’s microbial collection is the official member of World Federation for Culture Collection (WFCC) and from its inception hitherto has been able to identify, record and preserve more than 55 native strains of prokaryotic and eukaryotic taxa and in this regard has the first rank of the country,” he added. “This collection works in accordance with standards and in the frame of regulations developed by the International Systematic Committees of Prokaryotes and is trying to apply the latest methods of identification and preservation for microorganisms”.

It is possible to access the list at Culture collection Abbreviation 14082015.pdf



14:32 - 02/12/2017    /    Number : 161    /    Show Count : 354