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Membership of Iranian Biological Resource Center in The Asian Consortium for The Conservation and Sustainable Use of Microbial resources


Microbial Biodiversity an undeniable factor in scientific researches, biotechnology and biological industries, plays an important role in the development of technology, economy and social affairs of each country. Hence capacity building, legal access to biological resources and fair exploitation of these resources will play a key role in the conservation and sustainable use of these valuable resources.

“The Asian consortium for the conservation and sustainable use of microbial resources(ACM) founded in 2004 for the development of cooperation among governments and public organizations active in the conservation and sustainable use of microbial resources in Asia,” Dr.Shahzadeh Fazeli, the head of IBRC, said regarding this membership.

“Already 25 center from 14 Asian countries including Japan, China, Korea, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Mongolia, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia have joined the consortium and Iranian Biological Resource center is the only country’s center accepted for membership in the consortium.”

“Increasing the level of cooperation among biodiversity centers, development of researches

and technical knowledge about industrial applications of microbial resources, improving the knowledge level of human – resources, exchanging of ideas and information, holding scientific meetings and raising public awareness to the consortium activities are of the main objectives of the consortium,” he also added.

“The members of consortium meanwhile respect to loyalty to internationally authentic treaties, exert effort to explain appropriate mechanisms for exchanging biodiversity among members.”Fazeli stated.


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