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Identification and Record of the Twelfth Archaea by Iranian Biological Resource Center’s Researchers

Isolation and preservation of native isolates is as one of the main missions of the Microorganism Bank of Iranian Biological Resource Center and hitherto new and diverse microbial taxon has been identified and introduced to the world as the result of this center activities,” Dr.Shahzadeh Fazeli, the head of IBRC said about the new microorganism.

“In this direction, in a recent study on biodiversity of microorganisms in the Mighan Lagoon, a new archaea was discovered,” he added.” Mighan Lagoon located in Markhazi province, has unique ecological characteristics and has been considered as one of the most valuable and noteworthy ecosystems for microbial biodiversity studies of this center.”

"This new halophilic archaea by using various identification criteria including phylogenetic studies, has been introduced as a new species by the name of Natrinema soli in the natrialbaceae family and accepted in the most prestigious international journal of systematic microbiology(IJSEM). This species is the twelfth new native archaea among 25 native microorganisms introduced from the Microorganism Bank of IBRC,” Dr. Fazeli said.

It should be noted that these microorganisms are often inhabited in the most difficult conditions such as: very acidic or alkaline environments, hot springs, lakes and ultra-saline environments and because of the ability to withstand extremely hard conditions, enzymes and other compounds produced by this group of microorganisms are very important in the industry, especially today, halophilic archaea, due to the ability to produce bio-pigments and certain enzymes and other compounds that are used in the industry, have attracted the attention of many of the world’s scientists.

Important to mention, this valuable archaea, now preserves in the microbial collection of Iranian Biological Resource Center with the access code: IBRC M11063


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