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Optimization of Salt- loving Microorganisms’ Drying Method in Microorganism Bank of IBRC

Researchers of Iranian Biological Resource Center’s Microorganism Bank achieved to optimize vacuum drying methods for variety of salt – loving microorganisms.

“Providing lyophilized ampoules has been a long – standing strategy for preserving and transferring microorganisms. Thus the technique was used and optimized for salt – loving microorganisms which have numerous biotechnological applications,” Dr. Shahzade’ Fazeli, the head of IBRC, said in this case.

“The results of the quality control Tests showed clearly the effectiveness of this new method in preserving halophilics including Achaea and Bacteria. In general lyophilization process apart from securing the life of germs for long run, will maintain their useful structure too and increase durability of natural constituents in the case of Achaea which are strongly salt – loving and are industrially valuable,” he added.

It is worth mentioning that the result of this study was presented at the 17th International Congress of Microbiology which held on September 2-4, 2008 in Tehran University of Medical Science, in an article entitled:

Proposal of New Methods for Long – Term Preservation of Salt – Loving Microorganisms in IBRC

It was presented by Sharare’ Harirchi, a PHD student and researcher in microbiology at Iranian Biological Resource center.


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