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Registration of IBRC’s Herbarium in the International Herbarium Index (Index Herbarium)


“Herbarium is a collection of constant plant specimens’ samples and their birth certificates. Each herbarium sample is a proof that indicates the existence of a species in an especial geographical region and also is a testifier sample for all the scientific researches. Although the basis for identifying plants is the use of morphologic traits and identification keys, but finally botanist researchers are to accord new samples with identified samples by other researchers,” Dr. Shahzade’ Fazeli, the head of IBRC, said about herbarium registration.

“Nowadays virtual Herbarium provide researchers with some images of botanical samples of the world’s Herbarium but due to the uncertainty of the micro morphological traits in these images, still every Herbarium is a place for exchange of information, Cooperation and authentication of identification. Researchers obtain information about the existence and type of Herbarium’s activity in each country by referring to International Herbariums Index of the world,” Fazeli added. “In addition, only indexed herbariums can be used as reference herbarium for maintaining samples of new plants species types. Therefore Herbarium of plant bank is registered with IBRC proprietary code in the International Herbarium Index of the world.”

“Herbarium of the plant bank, even though has

Little age contains more than 8000 samples of angiosperms, gymnosperms and spore-forming plants. In this Herbarium, there is a fairly complete collection of different species of Artemisia as well as onion (Allium). All samples were collected from the main site and in accordance with sampling principals and identification keys methods. Beside each sample is collected complete information about the location, Geographic coordinate, collection date and other supplementary information,” he pointed out. “It is important to note that different plant groups are identified by experts with relevant expertise.”

“To be permanent dynamic” can be considered as two outstanding features for the Herbarium of IBRC,” he continued. “Experts from the Herbarium, annually sample the flora from coastal areas to the semi-Alpine and Alpine regions of our country. In addition, it is now possible to identify plant specimens from different taxonomic groups in the Herbarium.”

It should be noted that the researchers of plant sciences can receive the herbarium code for inserting in scientific writings and referencing by sending any herbarium specimen for maintaining in this herbarium.  

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