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A New Species of Filamentous Fungi Was Introduced In The Name of “Urmia Lake”


The first native filamentous fungi from Pleosporaceae is called in the name of “Urmia Lake”

“Urmia Lake” is one of the largest wildlife habitats in the country which unfortunately has been severely affected by drought. In order to protect the country’s biological resources, the researchers of Iranian Biological Resource Center have isolated and identified a new species of fungi “Coelomycete” from Urmia Lake and titled “Chichest” in the name of Urmiaine-height: 107%;">“Fungi have a high ability to tolerate hard conditions, such as salinity, because of their unique genetic-metabolic potential,”

Fazeli added. “Also the compatibility of some salty plants with drought conditions, salinity and dehydration prevailing on saline lakes may be related to coexistence or such association with halotolerant fungi”.

“Iranian Biological Resource Center’s mission is to collect and preserve biological samples of the country and introduce the country’s biological resources. The native species of fungi discovered from Urmia Lake represent center’s trend in accordance with defined missions and exploration and also storage of biological resources,” he emphasized.

Specimen of this fungus are kept in microorganism’s bank, one of the four biologic collections of the center, with the accession number IBRC-M 30126.




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