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(IBRC) Iranian Biological Resource Center’s Researchers Acquired to Produce Cell lines of Iran’s Native Lizard with Biomedical Research Usage


Iranian Biological Resource Center’s Human and Animal Cell Bank is the provider of various human and animal cell lines for biotech industry. In this regard, it is provided a large number of standard cell lines and their information every year which are accessible for applicants. Two cell lines of lizard with continuous culture capability and cryopreservation are of the bank’s new products.

“Lizard species “gecko” is one of the species which is attracted the attention of research centers. Their innate ability in the reconstruction of their tail led to be taken into consideration features related to growth factors, tissue regeneration studies and regenerative medicine studies. Also these cells are applicable in tests such as taxocology studies, environment, viral sensitivity or production vaccine studies and also in animal systematics studies,”Dr. shahzade Fazeli, the head of IBRC, said regarding to this achievement.

“Iranian Biological Resource Center (IBRC) considering growing trend of pharmaceutical companies ‘researches and research centers, for the first time – by introducing new cell lines from Iran’s native lizard’s tail of “cyrtopodition Scubrum” species under the title of Hepe 01, Hepe 02 – make them accessible for variety of researches and applications to the country’s scientific community, “he added.

It is worth mentioning Human and Animal Cell Bank of IBRC along supplying the needs of country’s research community take steps toward providing, producing and maintenance of nearly 500 cell lines of animals and livestocks. These cell lines have been developed to preserve biological resources of the country and for research and biotechnology applications.

Therefore Human and Animal Cell Bank with less than one decade of its establishment is acquired ,in addition to presenting more than 1000 cell lines of human and animal cell lines, to prepare a collection of hardware and software potencies in cell biology field and biotechnology to meet the needs of scientific, academic, research and industrial centers of the country, by the effort of crusader specialists and to create a platform for communication and interaction with authentic and related banks and centers.


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