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Identification and Record of the New First Bacterial Family of the country


In exploratory studies in the field of determining biodiversity of “Badab Sourt” spring, a new bacterium was discovered.

“This spring is one of the most beautiful travertine springs of the world and the spring is considered as one of the unique ecosystems for studying microbial biodiversity by Iranian Biological Resource Center (IBRC) .The new bacterium- by using different identification criteria including phylogenetic studies- as a new and unique bacterial taxon is the creator of a new family and it is considered as the first genus and species of “Soortiaceae” family which was entitled “Soortia reseihalophilia” , Dr. Shahzade’ Fazeli ,the head of IBRC, said regarding this great achievement .

“Already a yeasty family was introduced by IBRC’s researches and this new taxon is the first family which is introduced in bacteria phylum from Iran”, Dr. Shahzade’ Fazeli pointed out.

“Generally, bacteria have different potencies for producing enzymes and antibiotics and their production can be used in various industries. Also the new bacteria create a suitable opportunity for the exploitation of valuable organic compositions as a source of genes and unknown capabilities in comprehensive screening programs”, he added.

“In addition to recent BSW-2b strain’s capabilities in producing new and unknown enzymes, BSW-2b strain can produce Flexi Robin pigments. These pigments are applicable as bio control elements, antioxidant and probiotic (food additives). Also can be referred to this strain’s sedimentation capabilities,” Dr. Shahzade’ Fazeli said about this new family’s usage. “Since the strain is separated from Badab Sourt travertine spring, travertine are formed from calcium carbonate ridges, it has been shown that bacteria such as cyanobacteria, gram negative bacteria and gram positive bacteria have a positive role in this process. And they can facilitate the sedimentation process of calcium carbonate, so this feature can be used in industry; for instance in the reduction of water hardness by removing calcium solution, producing concrete with higher firmness (by eliminating the pores and filling cracks). And also in restoring carbonate environment such as springs like Badab Sourt.”

“The recording, maintenance and reporting of native isolates are of IBRC’s main missions. And this center’s activities support to preserve, introduce and propagate Iranian indigenous biological resources at global level,” he also mentioned.

Important to mention already this valuable bacterium is preserving in microbial collection of IBRC with the access number “IBRC M 10915”.

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