Introduction of a new native species of plant pathogenic yeasts
Researchers of Iranian Biological resource center’s Microorganisms bank have succeeded in introducing the new species of native yeast Graphiola fimbriata as the first yeast member of the Graphiolaceae family.
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Visit of Azerbaijan’s Genetic Resources Bank’s Head from IBRC
Prof. Akbarof, Director of Bio Resources Bank and Deputy Head of the Azerbaijan Republic’s Academy of Sciences and the delegation visited Iranian Biological Resource Center’s departments on Agust 17, 1397 and got acquainted with capabilities, capacities and facilities of IBRC.
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Visit of Turkey’s Biologists from IBRC, Based on Cooperation in Biotechnology Field
the Turkish delegation praised the achievements and the standard banking system of Iranian Biological Resource Center and at the end desired for more collaborations and interactions to benefit from the experiences, expertise and facilities of the parties.
 14:34 - 25/08/2018 - Comments : 0More >>
Visit of Taiwan’s Microbiologists from Iranian Biological Resource Center
They closely visited center’s activities and preservation process of biological resources in the plant, microorganism and molecules field
 08:52 - 02/06/2018 - Comments : 0More >>
Visit of the Gene Banks’ Experts of Germany and Russia from Iranian Biological Resource Center
They visited the center’s activities and maintenance process of biological resources.
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Identifying 3 Novel and New Filamentous Fungi Featuring Halotolerance
According to long-term climates forecasting a drought and dehydration trend is expected to occur at a widespread level in west and south Asia
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Scientific and International MOU with the Botanical Center of Cagliari, Italy
IBRC while reviewing scientific potential and specialized area of Botanical Center of Cagliari succeeded in establishing good connections with this center
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