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Introduction of a new native species of plant pathogenic yeasts

Researchers of Iranian Biological resource center in Microorganisms bank have succeeded in introducing the new species of native yeast Graphiola fimbriata as the first yeast member of the Graphiolaceae family.

A joint study by researchers from Iran, France and Germany identified a new species of yeast called graphiola fimbriata which was isolated as a contamination agent in plant tissue culture.

“All species of this genus which have been reported so far, are considered Pathogenic during their sexual cycle and are able to cause disease in Arecaceae plants. Few of the members of the genus grow and reproduce in their non-sexual cycles as saprophytic,”Dr. Shaghayegh Nasr, faculty member of Iranian biological resource center (IBRC) said about this new species:

“Obtaining this new species will reinforce the hypothesis that this species needs a plant host to grow and produce in its sexual cycle, “she added. “Considering that the species checked out in independent studies in France and the United States, it seems that the transferring of the herbal hosts had played an important role in the distribution of this yeast worldwide.”

Important to mention, the aforesaid species is currently preserved at three world collections in Iran, Germany and the Netherlands= IBRC M30158T CBS 13945T = DSM 104832T


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