1- Collection, identification, molecular and phytochemical evaluation of Artemisia genus from Iran

2- Genome identification and preservation of amylase producer bacteria “Nesterenkonia sp. Strain. F”

3- Estabilishing the molecular and culture methods for identification of mycoplasma contamination

4- Evaluation of priorities of animal and human cell bank of Iranian biological resource center activities for the first 5 years program

5- Isolation, identification and preservation of haloarchaea in aran-o-bidgol salt lake

6- Identification and preservation of  halophilic Bacteria isolated from Garmsar and Qom in Iran

7- Establishment of DNA bank and setting up the DNA banking systems of bar-coded stored samples in IBRC’ s gene banks

8- Design and construction of specific Chloroplast vectors in order to production of recombinant and pharmaceutical protein

9- Generation, Maintenance, Characterization and Cryobanking of Primary fin culture derived from Caspian salmon (Salmo trutta caspius )

10- Establishment cell line and genome bank of Caspian horse for conservation animal genetic resources

11- Establishment Bactrian camel cell collection for conservation animal genetic resources

12- Establishment cell line & gene bank of Markhoz goat for registration and conservation of Iranian animal resources

13- Isolation, Identification and preservation of Procaryotes in URUMIA Lake