Bioscience and biotechnology are among the sciences and technologies which have greatly advanced in recent years. Iranian Biological Resource Center, established in 2007, acts as an infrastructural center in biotechnology area at national level. This center, in addition to providing a wide range of biological samples (including various human and animal cell lines, plant seeds, microorganisms and their genomes) as well as delivering special lab services (including various diagnostic tests and identification of biological samples, determining different types of contaminations, etc.) to students, university professors, researchers and science, research and university centers, has begun to offer numerous specialized training courses to students and graduates in bioscience and biotechnology.

It has been tried to offer practical trainings and technical techniques in parallel with scientific and theoretical trainings by proper understanding of today needs of Iran and graduates in bioscience and biotechnology, so that the learner has received the functional trainings and have learned the necessary skills for the concerned techniques at the end of the course, and can make the best use of them in his/her professional and scientific activities. This training courses are planned and offered in the form of short-term trainings (workshop) and mid-term trainings (technical training courses). Technical training courses are more specialized and are privately held, but workshops are offered to groups.

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