The office of research in Iranian Biological Research Center (IBRC) performs the executive and consulting activities to develop the research in biological sciences and genetic resources.
The office of research monitors the international and national projects that are defined in the Plants, Microorganisms, Molecular, and Cell banks. Research and development of the banks is supervised by the office as well.
At the moment about 40 researchers working in the IBRC banks helped to activate the office.
Activities of the Office of Research
1- Executive activities
The office of research has been involved in the Scientific and technical department to achieve:
• Preparation and management of research programs and projects in research field with considering demands and priorities and offering them to the scientific and technical deputy
• Planning and taking relevant measures in order to encourage and reinforce research inclination in scientific fields for encouragement and reinforcement of researchers.
•  holding conferences and scientific symposiums
•  making effort to remove research related issues of factulty member,students and lab.
•  Drowing research project contract
•  Following up fulfilment of research projects.
•  Evaluation of research projects  both quantitatively and qualitatively as well as presentation of them unto officials in charge.
•  Preparation of regulations and required instructions for research affairs and proposing to related organizations
•  Criticism and theory affairs and science production
•  Establishment of critic centres, formation of software.
•  Movement and science production.
•  Representation of the achievements of faculty members and students to the symposiums and organizations and fulfillment of short term research courses, such as internship and research skills short-term research opportunities, workgroups, internships and research skills
•   Establishment of science and research databases to facilitate and speed up research
•   Preparation of annual and seasonal reports to monitor the achievements

2- Consulting related activities
•  Projects, plans and graduate thesis projects are consulted and advised by the office of research.
•  All project and plans conducted in this research center as well of thesis carried out are subject to consultation offered by this department.