Ever-increasing advances in different fields of science have resulted in removal of impediments and solution of issues and therefore leads shortcuts and  enhancement of life quality. One of the significant areas of science and technology is biotechnology, which nowadays plays an important role in agriculture, health, and industry. This discipline is considered as an axis of sustainable development that attracts major investments.
Genetic and biological resources, upon which biotechnology is based constantly changes. Extinction of each biological being means losing an invaluable treasure on which human life might depend.
Attempts to preserve and to explore biological resources were made in the early 20th century the trend of which has been increasing since then. Due to its great biological variety, Iran is considered among the richest genetic and biological resources that might not exist in other parts of the world. Therefore, Iranian Biological Resource Center aims to identify, collect, preserve, propagate and distribute different biological species and resources in order to preserve them and to pave the way for their efficient use through providing samples for scientific, academic, and research organizations. 
In order to speed up realization of the above mentioned objectives, cooperation of scientific society needs to be sought. Therefore, Iranian Biological Resource Center has announced its willingness to cooperate with domestic and international scientific organizations, researchers, as well as students . This centre spares no effort to exalt Islamic Republic of Iran’s position throughout the world.

Seyed Majid Tolyat
Dean of Iranian Biological Resource Center