Iranian Biological Resource Center (IBRC) acts as the pioneering center at national and international levels in areas of collection, identification, quality control, classification, recording, preservation, reproduction and distribution of various microorganisms and culturable viable cells including bacteria, fungi, viruses, seeds and plant as well as animal cells, genomic DNA and nucleotide products in order to prevent wastage and destruction of Iran’s national wealth.

This Center endeavours with the help of God Almighty and with the belief in ongoing improvement of its activities, processes and services and with the goal of increasing customer satisfaction (including research, industrial, and medical centers); in this regard, it has selected and implemented the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 as the quality management system.

Vision of the Center has always been founded on the following principles:


  1. Increasing the volume of activities, and improving offered services (sample production and technical services) in order to develop the Center’s commercial activities;
  2. Optimal use of modern technology resources and technical knowledge as well as development of necessary infrastructure in order to raise the quality of services and develop cellular, microbial, molecular and plant reserves;
  3. Establishing and developing scientific and specialized communication and interaction with related national and international reputable centers and banks as well as raising the scientific and research status of the Center at national, regional and international levels;
  4. Developing awareness, accountability, commitment and capabilities of the Center’s employees through:
    i. Recruiting employees based on meritocracy
  5. ii. Systematic training of the employees for continuously strengthening their technical and specialized knowledge and skills
    iii. Encouraging employees’ participation for raising their awareness of the decisions affecting the quality management system
  6. Standardizing, providing and proposing required suggestions, regulations and bylaws to the competent legal authorities for enactment in order to preserve Iran’s biological and genetic resources;
  7. Prioritizing risks and opportunities rather than corrective measures;

Since maintenance and improvement of the quality management system requires serious participation of all the Center’s employees, the head of the Center, in addition to pledging to ongoing improvement of the system, intends to move in the path of survival, growth and profitability of the Center through improving quality of the services; he also intends to revise its effectiveness in certain intervals in addition to supervising and maintaining the implementation of quality policy.