1- Principles and Basics of Plant Tissue Culture Techniques:
Basics of plant tissue culture and its applications
Formulation of culture media and preparation of stocks and buffers
Hormones and their application in plant tissue culture
Preparation of culture media
Methods of in vitro propagation of plants 
Preparation of plant subsamples and in vitro cultivation of some medicinal plants, ornamental plants, vegetables and fruit trees
2- In Vitro Antioxidant Assay (Enzymatic and Non-Enzymatic):
Extraction of essential oils and extracts 
Measurement of whole phenol content
Measurement of non-enzymatic antioxidants using DPPH-FRAP method
Assay of peroxidase enzyme POD
Assay of superoxide dismutase activity 
Assay of Catalase activity
3- Principles of Plant Cytogenetic
Mitosis and Karyotype 
Method of preparing mitosis slide
Result analysis and instruction of using MicroMeasure 3.3 software
C-banding method training