1- Human and Animal Cell Culture: 
Cell culture laboratories and instructions of working in cell culture room
An introduction to cell lines and morphological characteristics of cells in media 
Different cell culture media and their characteristics 
Fundamentals of cell passage protocols, freezing and defreezing of cell lines
Quality control techniques and microbial contamination of cell cultures
Principles of cell banks
2- Measuring the Toxicity Effect of Substances and Checking Cell Proliferation and Viability by MTT Method
Methods of measuring the degree of toxicity effect of substances and study of cell proliferation
General principles of Cell Culture
Measuring optimum cell counts and constructing standard curve
Method of performing MTT test and Data analysis
Prerequisite: The participant should be familiar with Cell Culture
3- Flow Cytometry Workshop: Principles, Data Analysis and Application in Biological Science
Mechanism and manual of working with Flow Cytometry apparatus and settings
Selecting fluorochrome and panel design 
Simultaneous application of colors, compensation concepts
Controlling isotype antibody and method of selection
Application of Flow Cytometry (analysis of cell cycle, appaptosis and cell proliferation)
Sample preparation 
Sample assessment using Flow Cytometry apparatus 
Working with device software and Flowjo software
4- In Vitro Maturation of Oocytes in Mice (IVM in Reproductive Biology Field) 
A review on whole procedure 
General principles and safety of working with strategic laboratory facilities 
General principles of working with laboratory animals
Methods of preparing culture media and preparations for collecting oocytes ant its maturation
Methods of stimulating ovulation of female mice by hormone injection 
Surgery of female mice and collecting oocytes from ovary 
In vitro maturation of oocytes and method of diagnosis
5- Workshop on Specialized Surgeries of Reproductive Tissues on Small Laboratory Mice (Reproductive Science)
Basics of general surgery of the small laboratory mice
Specialized surgeries of the reproductive system of the male mice for sperm extraction
Specialized surgeries of the reproductive system of the female mice for oocyte and fetus extraction
Training on the vasectomy surgery method in male mice to produce infertile mice in various research project and use in embryo transfer project 
Surgical training related to embryo transfer in the blastocyst stage to the uterus of a female mouse 
6- Principles and Methods of Designing and Preparing General and Specialized Culture Media for Cells, Tissues, Gamets and Embryos
Introduction and training on precise working and methods of calibrating specialized equipment of preparing culture media 
Training on more important culture media protocols, methods of preparation, sterilization and preservation
Methods of quality control and validation of prepared media in laboratory 
How to use culture media 
7- Safety Principles and Methods of Working with Practical and Strategic Facilities of Research Laboratories
Principles of GLP
Biosafety principles
Methods of working with laboratory animals 
Principles of working with strategic laboratory equipment
8- Preliminary Techniques of Embryological Research on Small Laboratory Mice
Ethology of laboratory mice
Physiology and anatomy of laboratory mice
Methods of restraining and handling animals
Determination of drug doses and anesthesia
Methods of general surgeries on mice
Specialized surgeries of the reproductive system in male and female mice
9- Principles of Clinical Cytogenetic
Naming and classification of human chromosomes 
An introduction to genetic counseling 
Genetic counseling and inheritance pattern of hereditary diseases
Genetic diagnosis before implantation and birth
Mechanisms of structural and numerical changes of chromosomes 
Lymphocyte cultivation, harvesting, banding and preparing slides
Microscopic examinations and analysis of results
10- Prevention and Detection of Mycoplasma Contamination in Cell Culture
Getting to know Mycoplasma
Risks for cell cultures
Importance of tests for contamination detection
Equipment, safety considerations, preventing contamination and methods of cultivating in specific microbial media 
PCR methods, staining DNA and eradicating 
Direct culture on specific microbial media
11- Production of Immortalized Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines Using Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV)
Immortalization, definition of basic concepts and requirements
Methods of immortalization
B lymphocyte immortalization by EBV
Material and methods
Good cell banking practice
12- Magnetic Cell Separation Method
Various methods of cell separation and their application 
Various methods of magnetic cell separation 
Practical cell separation using manual magnetic method and concentration gradients