Human and Animal Cell Bank Collections:

  1. Standard research cell lines
  2. Iranian population random collection (ethnic collection)
  3. Diseases collection from Iranian population
  4. Immortalized cells collection
  5. Teeth and mouth cells collection
  6. Primary cell culture (from Iranian population)
  7. Iranian Thalassemia patients lymphoblastoid collection
  8. Iranian Multiple Sclerosis patients lymphoblastoid collection
  9. Feeder cells Collection
  10. Breast cancer collection
  11. Host and packaging cell collection (cells which are  applicable in biotechnology)
  12. Reproductive and embryonic cell and sample collection
  13. Fetal cell and sample collection
  14. Stem cell collection

 Animal cells collections:

  1. Wild endangered animal cells
  2. Bacterian camel skin fibroblast cell
  3. Sistani cattle skin fibroblast cell
  4. Markhoz goat skin fibroblast cell
  5. Moghani sheep skin fibroblast cell
  6. Golpayegani cattle skin fibroblast cell
  7. Miscellaneous domestic animal cells
  8. Laboratory animal cells
  9. Murine cell collection